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Stay Tuned!

Posted by Ali in Aug 10,2014 with Comments Off

I apologize for being MIA recently. My personal life has gotten a bit busy but I am recommitting myself to the site … so stay tuned as I get the site up to date!

An All New Look!

Posted by Ali in Sep 02,2013 with Comments Off

Thanks to my good friend Tathy we have a new look here at Loving Lea Michele for both the main site and the gallery! I hope you love them as much as I do!

New Owner

Posted by Ali in Aug 11,2013 with Comments Off

Hello everyone! My name is Ali … I used to own Loving Lea Michele and Aniek was kind enough to allow me to adopt the site back from her! I am excited to provide you with a gossip and paparazzi free site about Lea & her career!

Lea is scheduled to attend the Teen Choice Awards tonight … so stay tuned for updates!

New layout for Loving Lea Michele

Posted by Aniek in Mar 17,2013 with Comments Off

Thanks a lot to the lovely Laura for creating a brand new layout for Loving Lea Michele! The new style is dashing if you ask me. I hope you like it just as much as I do!

I also uploaded the missing Glee captures of the last couple of weeks. Check them out by following the links below.

056.jpg  062.jpg  081.jpg  202.jpg  263.jpg

008.jpg  047.jpg  067.jpg  088.jpg  102.jpg

017.jpg  002.jpg  039.jpg  073.jpg  111.jpg

Gallery Links:
- Glee > Season Four > Episode Captures >4.14: I Do
- Glee > Season Four > Episode Captures >4.15: Girls (and Boys) On Film
- Glee > Season Four > Episode Captures >4.16: Feud

Happy Holidays!

Posted by Ali in Dec 25,2012 with Comments Off

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season. Here is hoping that each of you has a wonderful day spent with your love ones.

Follow Us On Twitter!

Posted by Ali in Jun 02,2012 with Comments Off

We have a brand new twitter account … … follow us there to get the latest info & news about Lea and to see any of the site updates right as they happen!

New Webmaster!

Posted by Ali in May 30,2012 with Comments Off

Hey everyone! My name is Ali and I am the new webmaster here at Loving Lea Michele … I currently run Lea Michele Online and am going to be merging the two sites together over the next little while.

I look forward to getting the site up to date and am grateful to Jasmine for allow me the opportunity to share my love of Lea with all of you!

About The Site

Posted by Jasmine in Apr 29,2012 with Comments Off

Hey everyone!

It’s Jasmine! Last year, Britt and I decided to give the site up for adoption which was why Mayara was running the site. She did a great job trying to keep the site updated but it became too much. So I decided to take the site back. :)

What I was trying to do before was to make the site different than all the other amazing Lea sites. I wanted to bring something new. I have some new ideas which I wanted to do/try out since I never done something like it before. It’s in planning stages right now. If all goes according to plan, it will be in the works soon.

In the meantime, check out all the latest stuff Mayara did to the gallery. You can find latest updates regarding Lea at my other site Lea & Jonathan Online (which is network sites).

New Year’s Eve blu ray and dvd is out on May 1! So make sure to remember to pick up a copy on Tuesday.

EDIT: (May 30) I have given the site up for adoption. Ali will be running the site now.

New Theme for Lea Michele Online

Posted by Ali in Apr 14,2012 with Comments Off

Thanks to the wonderful Anula we finally have our theme up here at Lea Michele Online … she did a beautiful job with these gorgeous photographs from Lea’s Marie Claire shoot.

Lea Michele Online is Launched

Posted by Ali in Apr 10,2012 with Comments Off

I am so excited to share our new site Lea Michele Online with you … I was so excited that I couldn’t even wait until we got our permanent theme … so this is just a temporary look!

In the mean time be sure to follow our twitter feed @Lea_Online to keep up to date on all things Lea!