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‘Glee’: Are Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy teaming for a real ‘Funny Girl’ Broadway revival?

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Could Ryan & Lea be talking about doing Funny Girl on Broadway? Well Entertainment Weekly answers the question!

This season of Glee has seen Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) win her dream role as Fanny Brice in a Broadway revival of Funny Girl. But are Michele and series co-creator Ryan Murphy, who owns the rights to the show, planning their own real-life revival of the iconic musical? Earlier this year, Michele gave interviews saying that the pair were indeed interested in bringing Girl to the stage.

Now, Murphy is confirming those discussions. While sitting down with EW for this week’s cover on his adaptation of HBO’s The Normal Heart, Murphy revealed, “I have the rights to it. It’s something that we’re talking about. I’ve never done Broadway. I’ve always wanted to. Right now, we’re just sort of testing the waters with different people.”

But he adds that the project has a ways to go. He says, “[Lea] and I have made no mistake of our mutual love for that property, so if it could come together at a time that she’d be willing to make that commitment to go back to Broadway — which I don’t know that she is right now — it would have to be the right director and the right leading man.”

Glee Stills

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I have gotten a bit behind on updates so I am playing catch up. I have added the most recent episode stills from Glee to the gallery!

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Glee Will Time Jump—and Won’t Be in New York—for Final Season

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E!Online spoke with Glee creator Ryan Murphy on the plan for the final season!

Let the Glee mystery begin!
Creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy has dropped quite the unexpected little bomb about the Fox hit’s sixth and final season:

It won’t be New York-centric. It will jump forward in time. And it will directly involve only a handful of core characters—although Murphy insists that for the final year, “anybody who wants to come back can come back.”

“Everything sort of builds to a head [in the current season's finale],” Murphy explained to a small group of reporters Monday. “I would say explosion is too harsh of a word, but something big happens and then the final season is the aftermath of that.”

Tonight’s episode, “Tested,” gives fans a flavor of what the new “young adult” era of Glee is about: The storylines are heartfelt, intimate and at times, funny, and center on more mature topics, like STD testing, and complex relationship drama for Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Sam (Chris Colfer), and Mercedes (Amber Riley).

Murphy admits the current season of Glee has had its kinks, but believes the show is undergoing a significant creative resurgence in the next few episodes.

“When Glee first started out, there were six kids in glee club as I recall,” Murphy told reporters. “At one point, I felt like it was a cast of thousands, and the Lima stories were all supposed to be through the prism of Cory [Monteith]‘s character, and that didn’t work out. So you know, we had to punt for a little bit but I think once we got our bearings back, the idea of let’s concentrate on six people that we know and love and really work hard on their evolution I think has really served the show well. And that’s where we’re going.”

Murphy also revealed that writers are still grappling with the question of whether Rachel (Lea Michele) should get a new love interest after the tragic passing of Finn (Monteith), saying, “To be quite honest, we just haven’t been able to crack it,” and adding that he will once again look to Lea for direction. “She’s always been so sensitive and so wise in how to handle that stuff,” Murphy says.

Murphy also answered definitively whether there were any plans for a spinoff of any character after Glee ends, what fans can expect from the episode that Chris Colfer wrote (and how he might direct next season), and what Murphy is now planning for the very final scene of the series. Read on for the full scoop and conversation….

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Exclusive Glee First Look: Lea Michele and Others Go Behind the Scenes of Episode 100

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Can you say “100″? The cast of Glee can — and does, several times — in TVLine’s exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Tuesday’s milestone episode (8/7c, Fox).

Along with a sneak peek at one of the episode’s highly anticipated remixes, the video also features interviews with the stars as they reflect on some of their favorite memories from the past five seasons. For Matthew Morrison, the first day he shot with Cory Monteith remains the most special.

“I still remember the first scene we ever shot for this show was me and Cory,” Morrison says. “I just remember that moment, and I don’t know why, but that’s the moment that’s kind of sticking out the most for me today — just that first scene we ever shot for Glee.”

To watch the video go to TVLine’s website!

Next on Glee | 100

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Glee’s 100th Episode! Be sure to tune in!


Current and alumni members of New Directions reinvent their favorite performances in the series’ 100th episode.

Lea Michele Q&A: Talks ‘Difficult’ Cory Song, Finding Her Voice and Life After ‘Glee’

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Billboard spoke with Lea as she prepared to release her debut album. She talks about Louder, Cory and her desire to be on American Horror Story.

This week, “Glee” star Lea Michele releases her debut album “Louder,” an 11-song set of club-ready dance anthems and soaring ballads that showcase the 27-year-old actor’s voice in a whole new light. The album delves into a slew of different ways of thinking about relationships, from good ol’ fashion pining, hooking up with someone who you know isn’t right, as well as the grief she experienced after Cory Monteith passed away last July. And it’s something she hopes will let her stand out in the pop landscape.

“I didn’t want to find songs that I had to change myself for,” she says of the tracks on “Louder.” “I wanted to find songs that would only highlight my sound and were unique to me. I didn’t want to fit any mold. I wanted it to be something that couldn’t be replicated by anyone else.”

Billboard spoke with Michele about the emotional aspects of “Louder,” how music is therapeutic for her, and the TV show she’s begging to be on after “Glee.”

The pop world is dominated these days by Katy, Miley, Taylor and Gaga. What’s unique about yourself as a pop singer?
I love all of those women. They were all inspirations for this record and I just love and respect women who make great music and focus on the vocals. For me as a performer, I really rely on my emotion coming from an acting background. I really use the performance aspect of it in conveying the emotion in my sound. Everything that I sing on this album is incredibly personal to me. It’s all things I’ve experienced. Sharing a part of yourself in your music is really important and that’s just what I’m trying to do.

Did you have any studio rituals when you were making “Louder”?
When I started out, my only prior experience to being in a recording studio was for “Glee.” The “Glee” process is so fast-paced. You go in, you have to record three songs in two hours. It’s like jumping out of a plane, making “Glee.” Before you hit the ground, you have to learn all your numbers and sing all your songs and film and entire episode. At the beginning [of recording "Louder"], I would get into the studio and I would say “we gotta do this, come on, lets record three songs today!” By the end, I was coming in, taking a nap, ordering food.

You co-wrote and recorded “If You Say So” after Cory’s passing. Did you find that therapeutic or pretty difficult?
It has both sides of the spectrum. Listening to it, it’s therapeutic and difficult. It will always represent the most devastating thing that’s every happened to me in my whole life. But at the same time, music is therapy. It’s been therapy for me in the entire grieving process and in my entire life. I’m grateful that Sia collaborated on that song with me and it’s a moment in my life … music has just been so important and so helpful to me this whole year.

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Next on Glee | Trio

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Tina, Blaine and Sam plan a senior lock-in to celebrate their upcoming graduation, but things go awry when Becky joins them. Meanwhile, Elliot finds himself in the middle of Rachel and Santana’s fight.

Glee | Frenemies & Trio Stills

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Thursday Glee returns with an all-new episode .. and we have more stills from the episode along with next week’s episode!

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Glee Exclusive First Look: Rachel Channels Her Inner Barbra in Funny Girl Photo Shoot

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TV Line gives us our first look at Glee’s new episode “Frenemies”

Rachel Berry’s Fanny (Brice, of course) is finally ready her closeup.

In the first of two exclusive first-look photos, Glee‘s leading lady (played by Lea Michele) channels her inner Barbra Streisand and participates in a photo shoot promoting her starring role in a Broadway revival of Funny Girl.
The second image obtained by TVLine for your viewing pleasure finds Rachel’s roomie Santana (Naya Rivera) auditioning for — and landing — a gig as Ms. Berry’s understudy.

The aptly titled “Frenemies,” which serves as Glee‘s spring premiere and marks the show’s return to a Tuesday timeslot, airs Feb. 25 at 8/7c on Fox.

TVLine’s own Matt Mitovich recently reported that the subsequent tension between Rachel and Santana will “turn violent” and significantly alter their current living situation.

I have also added another new image from the episode to the gallery!

Gallery Links:
Loving Lea Michele > Glee > Season Five > Episode Stills > 05×09 | Frenemies

A Look at Glee’s 100th Episode

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J-14 spoke to Lea on the 100th Episode and what it was like having all of the former cast members back!

The highly-anticipated Glee reunion may not air until March, but the cast has been busy shooting the special two-part episode over the past few weeks. We recently got the chance to talk to Lea Michele, who has been promoting her debut album Louder, and she revealed how great it has been working with her original Glee castmates again.

“I’m so happy that Heather [Morris] is back and Amber [Riley] is here,” Lea EXCLUSIVELY tells Heather is one of my closest friends so it’s nice to have her at work and hang out with her.”

“We’re a family,” she adds. “We’re always seeing each other and we’re always around each other. Whether or not we’re at work together, we’re a huge part of each other’s lives. So for me, it’s just an extra treat to get to be at work together.”