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Lea Michele Scores Big Victory in Battle Against New York Puppy Mills

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This is happy news! E!Online shared this article about how Lea lent her voice along with the Humane Society of the US to help protect dogs!

Lea Michele has scored a victory against New York puppy mills!

Earlier this week, the Glee star and animal activist teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States to urge N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign a bill that would give local governments the ability to regulate state-wide puppy mills.

And Michele’s efforts worked in record time! Within a day of sending her letter, Governor Cuomo has officially signed legislation that cracks down on puppy mills in Michele’s home state.

In response to the good news, the Humane Society tells E! News in a statement, “New York’s lax laws have attracted some of the worst puppy millers, and dogs suffer in cruel conditions every day. Now, local governments and New York residents will have the ability to stop the abuse in these puppy mills. We thank Governor Cuomo, Assembly member Rosenthal, Senator Grisanti and the legislature for enacting a law that will help prevent the cruelty we so often see at large-scale dog breeding facilities. We also thank the large numbers of New Yorkers, including Glee star Lea Michele, and local and national organizations for encouraging lawmakers to protect breeding dogs in the Empire State.”

Michele sent Cuomo her letter just two days ago, writing, “As a lifelong New Yorker and a recent dog owner, I couldn’t be more delighted that our great, progressive state has considered large-scale commercial puppy mills-breeding factories where female dogs are constantly impregnated and forced to live in cages in their own excrement-an unnecessary cruelty that deserves local oversight.”

Michele has previously worked with PETA to ban horse-drawn carriages in NYC due to the poor treatment of the horses.

In Cory’s Memory

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I know a lot of Lea’s fans are also fans of Cory Monteith. We know this has been a difficult week for his fans and for those that are interested in doing something in his memory his reps are asking that donations be made to one of the charities that Cory supported.

Chrysalis is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals by providing the resources and support needed to find and retain employment.

Virgin Unite
We’re not about a single issue or about one big campaign, we’re about a way of living and working that aspires to put people and planet alongside profit at the core of all we do. We move beyond charity and CSR. It’s not about saving the world, it’s about reinventing how we live and work in the world, and showing that business can and must be a force for good (and that this is good for business). We catalyse change on three levels that all work together for greater impact…

Project Limelight Society
Project Limelight Society unleashes the imagination, awakens curiosity and gives children the opportunity to experience the magic of applause. Founded by Maureen Webb and Donalda Weaver, Project Limelight is a free performing arts program for young people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Project Limelight offers a safe place to build an artistic community. Participants learn skills, techniques and forms of expression, including acting, singing, dancing, clowning, creative writing, voice work, movement and improvisation. They rehearse a full-length theatrical production for 3 months, leading up to a final performance on a professional stage, giving participants the opportunity to showcase everything they have accomplished. Project Limelight also provides healthy meals and snacks to Limelight participants through the generous support of East of Main Cafe. In addition to supplying meals, all profits from East of Main Cafe are donated to Project Limelight Society.

Also, if you or someone you know may have a problem with alcohol or drugs, call Alcoholics Anonymous’ 24-hour hotline at 1-800-923-8722. We ask that you try to help yourself or someone else so that what happened to Cory doesn’t happen to someone else.

Join Marie Claire & Lea Michele in Supporting Women of Worth

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The January edition of Marie Claire is traditionally the “Give Back” issue (this year, a portion of our newsstand sales will be donated to the American Red Cross for its disaster-relief efforts as well as Cancer and Careers, an initiative that helps people with the disease flourish in the workplace), so we were pretty excited when cover star Lea Michele jumped at the opportunity to support L’Oreal’s Women of Worth campaign.

The 2012 Women of Worth honorees have worked tirelessly to help make a difference in the lives of others, whether they advocate for victims of childhood abuse, work to prevent millions of pounds of waste out of landfills, mentor homeless youth to break the cycle of poverty or empower teens with disabilities through inclusion programs.

(Feeling inspired? Find a cause that speaks to you.)

Join Lea in supporting Women of Worth and enter to win $500 worth of her favorite L’Oreal Paris products. You can be one of 10 winners to take him this amazing prize.

How to enter: Visit the Women of Worth site and then click here to submit your entry.